Becoming Peace: An Independent Messenger of the Manifesto 2000

March 20, 2019

Creating a Culture of Peace

The path to peace exists if we only choose to take it. We must uphold ideals of non-violence and reject actions that cause violence in ourselves, our family, our community, and our country.

To help promote this mindful action at Becoming Peace, we are encouraging others to read and sign the Manifesto 2000. Drafted by a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Manifesto 2000 helps translate the resolutions of the United Nations into everyday language that makes them relevant to people in all nations.

The Manifesto 2000 does not appeal to a higher authority, but instead it is an individual commitment and responsibility.

This website offers interested visitors the ability to read the Manifesto 2000 online as well as download copies to help spread the message to others. For those of you that have not taken the step to sign the Manifesto 2000, you may do that here as well. Educational and book links on non-violence can also be found for those wanting to engage in the practice of non-violence in their everyday life.

For parents, we encourage you to sit down with your children and discuss with them their feelings on violence, how they see violence, and how they handle their anger. You may also wish to review the Education and Books section for items on children and promoting non-violence.